Live Music Booking Services

Harmonizing Growth and Music: BMD, LLC transcends traditional marketing by immersing in the dynamic world of music. As seasoned connectors, we link skilled musicians with sought-after venues, seamlessly aligning business growth with the vibrant music scene. Our team serves as matchmakers, bridging the gap between local talents and the coolest venues, creating a harmonious blend of business expansion and musical vibrancy.

As part of our commitment to the local music community, here’s a glimpse into the growing list of diverse talents we collaborate with, organized by Solo Artists, Duos/Trios, Bands, DJ and Karaoke services. These acts not only contribute to the richness of our musical landscape but also showcase the varied performers we proudly support. Join us in growing the connection between local businesses and the exceptionally talented local music scene!

Solo Artists

Duos & Trios


DJ & Karaoke Services


BMD, LLC collaborates with premier local restaurants, bars, and venues across the South Shore and surrounding areas to cater to their music booking requirements. Our distinctive approach focuses on cultivating relationships that align with the unique needs of each venue. Whether it’s scheduling the entire music calendar for the year or addressing gaps in entertainment, we tailor our services accordingly. Additionally, we provide solutions to cover cancellations and last-minute entertainment needs, spanning from Friday night entertainment to private events. At BMD, LLC, we handle it all!

We have partnered with the following growing list of venues: